Always Thicks Maxi Sanitary Pads, Long, Single Pack

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Brand: Always


Always Pads With Wings

Always pads with wings Always and thick maxi night Sanitary Pads provide you with 100% leakage protection. These pads are bigger at the back for heavy flow days and have anti-leakage barriers in the front, back and center. Stretchable wings help the pad stay in place even when you are active. Moreover, the delicate scent keeps you feeling fresh.

Features of Always Pads with Wings:

Color: White

Product Weight: 0.5 kg

Product Type: Always Pads

Product Material: Sanitary Napkins

Material Family: Napkins

What in The Box 1x pack

  • Up to 100% dryness & comfort even when you move, with our patented Mesh top sheet
  • Mesh top sheet keeping wetness away from the skin
  • Anti-leakage barriers in the front, back, and center
  • Provides up to 100 percent dryness and comfort
  • Extra-absorbent core instantly absorbs liquid and locks it inside
  • It’s moisture-lock technology keeps you dry
  • It’s protective barriers prevent you from accidental leakage
  • These always pads keep you confident
  • There super saving pack could keep you free for four months

    Always pads with wings that has highly absorbent gel provide you with the protection that no other sanitary napkin could promise. This sanitary napkins are perfect for you if you lead an extremely busy life or are constantly on the move. With always pads with wings sanitary pads, you could lead worry free life for up to four months. Do you know that most amazing aspect of these pads?? These always pads provide you not only the extra protection but they also come with mesmerizing scent that boosts your confidence. Feel free to visit our online shopping store in Pakistan for more information and place your order. You’ll get your feminine products within 7 working days. If you have any other question in your mind please visit our online shop store for ladies in Pakistan. Call us 0300-2935588 and email us too 



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